Ladies Doubles FUNraiser

When : Wednesday, August 20th
Location : Minikahda Country Club

Benefit Luncheon

When : Thursday, September 11th
Location : Town & Country Club

All City Tournament Winners

Congratulations to the All City Tournament Winners!


Division Girl Boy
8 and Under Grace Dueber Luke Iverson
9-10 Year Old Neul McDonell Anthony Wilson
11-12 Year Old Ana Recarte Elden Lee
13-14 Year Old Liza Pirjevec Eh Hay Taw
15-16 Year Old N/A Skyler Vang
17-18 Year Old Pajar Lee Andrew Gooder








Division Place Boys Girls
8 and Under 1st Jacob King Ashley Hartwich
  2nd Rishi Ranjith Catherine Williams
  3rd Nathan Whitney Grace Dueber
  4th Luke Iverson Ava Ball
9-10 Year Old 1st Ashton Adesoro Margo Charpentier
  2nd Miguel Recarte Neul McDonell
  3rd Nick Cannon Daniela Edwards
  4th Mario Larsen Eva Larsen
11-12 Year Old 1st Sergio De Andres Ana Recarte
  2nd Elliot Van Dyke Lily Ian Vang
  3rd Henry Earl Jo Li Lacy
  4th Gree Ha Olivia Brown
13-14 Year Old 1st Brendan Vellenga Elizabeth Ellington
  2nd Will Larsen Amanye Reynolds
  3rd Eh Hay Taw Grace Dumbrow
  4th Tha Roll Victoria Hartwich
15-16 Year Old 1st Jonah Rueb  
  2nd Aaron Cook  
  3rd Kevin Tran  
  4th John Lutz  
17-18 Year Old 1st Chinue Yang Katie Pagel
  2nd Ger Thao Nayni Paung
  3rd Griffin Egan Pajar Lee
  4th Meipong Himmtann Megan Lenling